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Nature Is Kin - Land Restoration in Big Tuxuunga

Every last Sunday of the month we gather at Big Tujunga (Tuxuunga) to help the land heal, and to reconnect and be healed by that reciprocal connection. At the center of it all is care and love, guided by the wisdom of Indigenous Tongva culture bearers. Yesterday we were able to remove a great deal of invasive grasses, especially around the oak and walnut saplings. We also began focusing our attention on the "tree of heaven", and began lining the path to the saplings with logs to protect them from drivers who might wonder into the area. One of the walnut saplings that had been run over is resprouting. Resilience is everywhere on the land, teaching us its lessons. Thank you to Dani, Daisy, Eric, Noga, Gerardo, Liliana, and Xiomara.

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