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Transformation of the Pali-Foothill Median into our Tujunga East Welcome Garden

That was fun!! We are so grateful to all the volunteers who showed up today to help build the dream of a beautiful welcome garden in Tujunga! Every person who shows up is a change maker, a dream weaver who, with their time and energy, help accelerate this transformation. We are working to transform an 8000 sq ft median into a California native plant site. In two work days we have been able to clear almost half of the area. The amount of work and passion that our neighbors are putting into it are really inspiring.

We invite you to join us on our next work day. on June 17th, 8am-11am. Thank you to Matt, KT, Liliana, Xiomara, Yasmine, Georgia, Lara, Kirk, William, and the rest of the volunteers who joined us today. Thank you to CD7 for providing all the tools and trash bags. Thank you to Starbucks for the delicious coffee and pastries. See you on June 17th!

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