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Kelly Caballero will share her poetry at IPD on October 9

CONFIRMED! Tongva Poet Kelly Caballero will be a presenter at our upcoming Sunland-Tujunga Indigenous Peoples Day! Read about this amazing poet below and lend a hand to make this event happen! Help us raise an additional $1500 in the coming 3 weeks to offer food and honoraria to our Indigenous presenters:


Kelly Caballero [Gabrielino Tongva, Chicana] is a poet and songwriter. Her work lends voice to the critical and important conversation of California’s First People in relation to place and belonging, offering a lens through the poetics of her life as a California Native woman. Performance, hosting workshops, participating in panels and keynotes are some ways in which Kelly shares her writing and works to educate people on intersecting identities and the history, lives and current achievements of California Native peoples. ​

"My writing, my voice, is only a vessel for the Spirit of this place to say what needs to be said. As for my own lived experience, I am tethered to and am only continuing a story that has been writing itself for thousands of years." - Kelly Caballero

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