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Healing Big Tujunga


Today we had a great day in Big Tujunga! We spent a beautiful morning at the site where we celebrated Indigenous Peoples Day a month ago, tending to the land, caring for the existing oaks, planting natives, and removing trash and seeds from invasive non-natives. We also learned a lot about castor bean, black walnuts, and more. Thank you to Tongva culture bearers Tina and Joe Calderon for your grace and guidance. It is always a gift having you there, guiding the work to heal the land in the right way. Thank you to Roger Klemm for sharing your knowledge with us. Thank you to Marjorie Maxon, Gerardo Barrientos, Daisy, Ingrid, Mike, and of course, our ST Forward organizers. We will be there again to continue this work on December 11, 9am-12pm.

Please let us know if you can volunteer that day by completing this quick form:

Thank you in advance for volunteering!

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