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We are feeling grateful for all the folks (some pictured here) who showed up today and gave their time to get the land ready for the Sunland-Tujunga 2023 Indigenous Peoples Day. Thank you to all the volunteers who watered saplings, removed invasive plants, prepared the parking area, planned a plant walk, gathered trash, and helped create a welcoming place for next Sunday's event.

Thank you also to Chief Ranger Gomez and his amazing team at the MRCA for all their help and support! Thank you to Indigenous culture bearer Tina Orduno Calderon for spreading the word about the cleanup and helping build new bridges! Folks came from across the city to be with us today. What a great day.

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On October 8th we will be hosting the third annual Sunland-Tujunga Indigenous Peoples Day. We hope you can join us! Consider contributing to our fundraiser for this event. Most of the funding will go towards our Indigenous Culture Bearers' honoraria and workshops. And the Department of Cultural Affairs has agreed to match every donation up to $4000. No contribution is too small! Double your imapct! This is a community-powered event and we thank you for your support!

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Dear neighbors, we have some really great news! LA Conservation Corps secured a grant for a reforestation and land restoration project in Big Tujunga Canyon. Our non profit, ST Forward, was honored to work with LACC and the MRCA to help them secure this grant. This project will include the gathering of seeds from local native plants, and the planting and stewardship of seedlings from those seeds. This will bring at least 400 new native trees to the MRCA site that ST Forward has been stewarding in partnership with Chief Ranger Gomez and Tongva Indigenous culture bearers. We are thrilled!

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