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Celebrating Indigenous Land, Culture, and Leadership!

Every day is Indigenous Peoples Day! Indigenous land day! Indigenous culture day! Yesterday, in Big Tujunga - Tuxuunga, the land of the old woman, we came together to celebrate Indigenous people, land, and culture. We are deeply grateful to all the Indigenous culture bearers who shared their knowledge, wisdom, guidance, language, workshops, and stories with participants. We are especially grateful to Tina Orduno Calderon and Lazaro Arvizu Jr., whose advice and guidance were invaluable throughout the planning of this event. We are grateful for all the organizations who shared their resources, books, and activities. Thank you to the vendors and chefs! We are grateful to the many volunteers, including Redrum and Red Spirit, Joe DeCenzo, Gerardo, Mary and her family, Claire Gordon, Abby, Patriciaa, L El Faunt, Corey Stein, and so many others who generously gave their time and energy to make this happen. To all the donors and supporters, including our elected officials, thank you for your trust and generosity. Lastly, to our organizers, Tina, Lazaro, ABRA and ST Forward, what an honor to have worked on this with you all.

Find out more about all the Indigenous culture bearers and organizations represented:

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